Project name: Private House

This is a 3-floor house made in traditional American style with Islamic textures, which can be seen in the items like chandeliers. The house is composed of 7 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room, 2 living rooms, a fitness area and a Jacuzzi area and it has a terrace. This is dream house can accommodate a big family and it has all the luxurious necessities. We made this house in light colors to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Project name: Café Bistro

In this project, our client requested an expressive space suitable for all types of customers local and foreign. This café is a part of a gas station that also includes a supermarket. The mission of this space is to offer customers a comfortable atmosphere for relaxing before resuming their journey. Here we offer both timeless style, which is reflected by the chairs, and tables and industrial style witch can be seen in the ceiling. The warm colors we used give the space the welcoming atmosphere and the soft seating provides the comfort.


Project name: The Hibret House

This modern house with classical touches has 2 floors consisting of 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 1 study room. Following the client’s request, we have mostly used organic materials to decorate the house, such as organic parquet floors and natural marble covering.


Location: Nairobi, Kenya
This is a 5-story building with the capacity to take in 1300 children ranging from kindergarten to high school level. This project we designed from scratch both interior and exterior of the school. On the exteri-or, it is a pear-shaped building with classical elements of decoration like framed windows and columns. The interior of the school we designed in modern style with use of bright colors. The school offers a creative and comfortable environment for both children and teachers.


Project Name: Convenience Store

This one is a remodeling project of an already exist- ing convenience store in a gas station. In our design approach we have decided to define the name of the store “On the Go” by creating a free and accessible space, the rail light system provides illumination to the merchandise and we used spotlights to define the name of the store. We created spaces for different merchandise products from processed foods to fresh giving our client the opportunity to widen his stock and add more options.